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Input Effects​

  • New Gaussian Blur effect for all inputs. Add multiple blur effects each with its own cropping and strength.
    Requires a recent fast graphics card for the best results.
  • New LUT effect for all inputs.
    Supports PNG (OBS style) and CUBE files (Davinci Resolve etc). Create your own colour grading files and use them in vMix!

Stream Delay​

  • New Stream Delay option in Quality settings for streams. See help file for more information.

New Vertical Production Tools​

  • Vertical HD Preset (1920p)
  • Vertical GT Templates
  • 90 Degree rotate button in Position tab, will zoom to fit new rotated source.
  • Automatic detection of rotation in MP4 files recorded using smart phones.

NDI 5.5​

  • vMix 26 now includes built-in support for the latest NDI 5.5
    Note many new NDI features are in the free NDI Tools. Check out for more information.

15 Mix inputs total in 4K, Pro and Max​

  • Supports Output Only mode in Mix Inputs, which hides the preview and preview/output controls for a more compact input.

SRT Replay, Multi-Track Audio and CBR support​

  • SRT inputs can now be used as Instant Replay sources. This requires turning off Use Hardware Decoder when adding the SRT input, as Instant Replay uses the CPU.
  • vMix now supports the ability to receive multiple tracks of audio which will be combined automatically and made available to the input's channel matrix and mixer.
  • On the output side, support has been added to split the single multi-channel track into multiple stereo audio tracks.
  • SRT outputs now support CBR mode

Web Browser Input Updated​

  • Chromium Version 103 for compatibility with new web sites


  • PTZ support for Insta 360 Link with MF (Media Foundation) driver for better performance.
    Note that audio needs to be added as a separate input, as it is detected as a separate Microphone in Windows.
  • Bluefish444 Key+Fill support on selected cards
  • Bluefish444 multi-channel audio output on selected cards
  • New Audio Matrix presets to allow easy selection of stereo pairs to Master
  • Added support for 1440p
  • GT Line Spacing added
  • GT Images now have a TopRight align option
  • Intel Graphics ARC and 12th Gen now supported
  • New Replay shortcuts: ReplayMarkInOutLiveFuture, ReplaySetChannelAToBTimecode, ReplaySetChannelBToATimecode, ReplaySetTimecode
  • New Facebook Stream Key destination for manual streams
  • All old XAML title templates have been moved to the Legacy tab
  • Input names now appear in Input Settings - Position dropdown
  • Added new Preview input. This in combination with the Output input provides the ability to build custom Output MultiView layouts.
  • Transition buttons will now highlight red during transitions
  • Copy/Paste buttons added to Input Position tab
  • X-Keys T-Bar Module Red/Blue LED support


  • New built-in streaming destination in vMix that streams directly to a web page built into the vMix Web Controller
  • Can be viewed by most modern browsers and devices including laptops, PCs, smart phones and smart TVs that support HTML5 live streaming.

More Categories​

  • Up to 16 additional custom category tabs can be added each with its own name and colour.

AJA Capture Card Support​

  • Added support for latest AJA capture devices including the T-Tap Pro, Corvid 44 12G and Io X3


  • New Preset Bundles, optionally save presets in self contained vmixZip files which will contain media assets like titles, images and videos in a single file, allowing easy transport to new computers.
  • Any missing files in a preset can now be located from within a single window

NDI 5​

  • The latest NDI release is included in vMix 25

Output Input​

  • New Output input simply adds the current main vMix Output 1 (Program) as an input for use elsewhere.
  • This is handy for situations where a different source is needed for Outputs 2-4 or for a Video Call, but with the Program feed still showing as a picture in picture.
  • To add the Output input, click the arrow next to Add Input in the main vMix window and click the Output option.


  • Object colors in GT Titles can now be edited in vMix as well as through the API and Data Sources using html color codes.
  • This is enabled by unticking "Hidden" under the GT Designer Data tab for any shapes you wish to edit in vMix.
  • Added support for coloured emojis in vMix Social titles when using the Segoe UI Emoji font


  • vMix now only supports 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • New virtual set template included
  • New activators for InputAudioAuto, OverlayXAny, BusXSolo and VideoCallSourceOutputX
  • New shortcuts OverlayInputXLast and SetColor (for GT object colors)
  • Security of web and tcp controllers now further restricted by limiting to the local network by default.
  • NDI thumbnails can be optionally turned off via Settings
  • When clicking Clear to clear recent items, only those selected will be cleared, if no items selected, all will be cleared as before.
  • PowerPoint/Photos inputs now default to adding a black border around photos of different aspect ratios instead of transparent as in previous releases.
    This is to ensure smoother transitions, however if you prefer the previous functionality this can be turned off via SlideShow Settings for the input.
  • Added Key Frame Interval adjustment support for SRT outputs. This now defaults to 2 seconds instead of 1 second in previous releases.
  • MultiCorder now hides unsupported inputs by default. These inputs can still be shown manually if required by power users.
  • Improved tally light support for various cameras using Sony VISCA over IP
  • Added new Barn Door and Roller Door transition effects because why not?
  • Video Delay input now defaults to using the vMix Video Codec as the save format as it is the most efficient option.
  • Various replay bug fixes
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