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IP Video Transcoding Live!16 Channel V6.2.5.1a_With_Crack

IPTV Software IP Video Transcoding Live!16 Channel V6.2.5.1a_With_Crack 6.2.5

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IP Video Transcoding Live!16 Channel V6.2.5.1a_With_Crack

IP Video Transcoding Live! (IPVTL) is multiple channels live transcoding software. It is designed for live video streaming over the internet, IPTV cable and satellite TV digital video broadcasting, video surveillance and event webcasting.

IPVTL provides high-density transcoding capability with the lowest latency. Running on high performance generic Intel / AMD64 a and NVIDIA Quadro / Tesla graphics processors, IPVTL transcodes up to 64 channels full hd1080p @ 30fps H.264 video on 1 dedicated server.

IPVTL has full support of media encoding formats, from traditional to modern types, such as G.7xx, MP2/3, AMR, AAC, OPUS, AC3, H.263(+), H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AV1, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, also HTML5 video formats VP8/VP9 included.

IPVTL accepts all kinds of media streaming formats, from video clips and TV capture/tuner cards to internet streaming like HTTP, FTP, MMS, RTSP, RTMP, RTP, NDI, SRT and MPEG-TS (DVB-S).

It works perfectly with the most popular live-streaming CDN service providers listed below Wowza Streaming Engine, Nginx-RTMP, as well as common DVB IRD devices with SDI like Dreambox® and BlackMagic Decklink cards.

Version Updates​

  • HTML5 web video output in MP4
  • Real time video preview in HTML5 web page
  • AMD AMF H.264 & HEVC encoding
  • Intel QSV decoding & full gpu transcoding
  • AV1 encoding defaults to realtime (fast) mode
  • HTTPS support in web UI & output stream
  • Return of HTTP output
  • Fix NDI source long time detection
  • Fix Intel QSV fail with multi-monitors
  • Fix MJPEG over HTTP output
  • Full functional web config UI
  • Very strict CBR MPEG TS output
  • FTP/SFTP input/output
  • H.265/HEVC encoded RTMP output
  • Easier MPEG TS Source Stream Selection
  • Intel QSV accelerated VP9 encoding
  • HLS DRM encoding (AES128 encryption)
  • Improved default H.264 encoding quality
  • Transcoding web API
  • New JSON formatted config file
  • AOM AV1 video encoding
  • WebM Opus audio encoding
  • File segment output
  • Fix Facebook Live secured streaming
  • Fix occassional AAC decode failure
  • CPU Load Monitor UI
  • Show Video Frame Rate in Channel Status
  • Configuration Import/Export in Web Interface
  • NVDEC accelerated HEVC decoding
  • Switch to 64bit core on Windows
  • Google VP8/VP9 codecs
  • User Access Control in Windows UI
  • NVIDIA scale_npp acceleration
  • Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) support
  • Newtek devices select UI
  • Fix secured RTMP (rtmps) streaming issue for Youtube/Facebook
  • Folder streaming on Linux & new recursive mode
  • Remove RTSP Output Support
  • HTTP Output Limited to 1 Client Only
  • Remove Time Shifting function
  • Video Scan Type Option (Interlaced Encoding)
  • Alsa Input on Linux
  • DASH Format Input Support
  • Folder Streaming Bug Fix
  • Audio 7.1 Channel Output
  • Overlay using Video URL
  • Newtek NDI Input & Output
  • More MPEG-TS Options (Video/Audio pid, PCR pid, PMT pid)
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  • Fix Multiple Processor affinity Issue on Windows
  • MJPEG Output Format Support
  • MPEG-TS Options (program ID, name, provider)
  • Log File Auto Clean
  • DeckLink Device Format Selection
  • Text Overlay
  • V4L2 Input Support on Linux
  • NVDEC/CUVID Acceleration for H.264 Decode
  • HE-AAC Encoding & E-AC3 (AC3+) Encodings
  • Intel Quick Sync Accelerated HEVC Encoding Bug Fix
  • NVIDIA CUDA/CUVID/NVDEC Accelerated H.264/HEVC Decoding UHD/4K Video
  • Easier RTMP Pushing to Youtube and Other Flash Sites
  • More Advanced Settings (RTMP/HLS/Timeshifting) Available in Web Interface
  • License Activation Thru Web Interface on Linux
  • Enhanced Web Interface Security (Login Password & IP Whitelist)
  • Blackmagic DeckLink Capture / Playback Card Enumerator on Windows
  • Multi-bitrate Profiles for UDP Output
  • Fix PCR Accuracy Issue in UDP MPEG TS Output
  • UDP MPEG TS CBR Output Optimzation
  • CPU Affinity Management (Processor Load Balance) on Linux
  • Video Key Frame Interval Setting Change to Unit in Seconds
  • MPEG DASH Output Format
  • Web Interface to Edit Channel Settings
  • Fix Intel Quick Sync Video Acceleration Issue on Linux
  • Daemon (background) Running Mode under Linux
  • RTSP Output Format
  • Web Interface for Live Channel Status Management
  • CPU Affinity Management (Processor Load Balance) on Windows
  • Enhanced Streaming Failure Recovery
  • Optimized software H.264 Encoding performance on Multiprocessor System
  • Presets for NVIDIA NVENC Accelerated encodings
  • Intel QSV Acceleration Bugfix on Linux
  • Blackmagic Decklink Video Card Input & Output support on Linux
  • Intel Quick Sync Video accelerated HEVC Encoding (requires Intel 6th/7th generation Skylake / Kaby Lake Core processor)
  • Intel Quick Sync Video accelerated H.264 Encoding. See on Intel website
  • NVIDIA NVENC (GPU accelerated) H.264/HEVC Encoding. See on NVIDIA Website
  • Smarter Detection of Dead Streaming
  • H.265/HEVC Encoding Support
  • DXVA2 Accelerated Decoding
  • MPEG-DASH Segmenting Muxer
  • Potential Memory Leak Fix in Folder Streaming
  • HTTPS Input support
  • MPEG-TS over RTP Input support
  • HLS Multi-bitrate Streaming
  • Optimized Time Shifted Streaming with Break no more
  • Animated Logo Overlay Support (through GIF)
  • M3u8 Playlist (HTTP Live Streaming) Output support
  • RTMP Multi-bitrate Streaming
  • Improved Streaming Performance
  • MPEG-TS over HTTP output support
  • H.264 Encoder Upgrade with New Profiles
  • New UI for Source Stream Selection (with MPEG-TS Program Selection)
  • RTMP Tunnelling Support
  • Source & Target Custom Parameters
  • Memo for each Channel
  • MPEG-TS DVB Subtitle Stream Pass Thru
  • Live Stream Time Shifting on Linux
  • RTSP over TCP Support
  • DirectShow Capture Source Support
  • CBR Mode for MPEG-TS Output
  • RTMP SWF Verification Support
  • Live Stream Time Shifting on Windows
  • New UI for Advanced Format Settings



IP Video Transcoding Live! 16 Channel V6.3.6.0a With Crack

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